Monday, June 26, 2017

Open letter to Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon

Whenever you record a commercial that involves a trigger word like Alexa, Siri, OK google, etc,

embed an inaudible signal within the commercial when the trigger word is spoken.  Then make sure that if this inaudible signal is detected by your system, the system will know not to use it as a trigger.

This should be really easy.  If your system contains hardware filters that bandpass the signal, then you can make the hidden signal a series of very fast beeps in the audible spectrum that occur too fast to be noticed by the human ear, but can still be detected with a microphone.

You're Welcome.

Benjamin Griffel, PhD

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

All signs point to wrong

I wrote this post a while back stating that there won't be a new Mac Pro.

I appear to be wrong, though I hold judgement for exactly what kind of computer we are getting.

I am pretty sure it isn't going to just be the old Mac Pro with updated parts.